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Eugene Northern Community Hall

Eugene Northern Community Hall features a partial kitchen (refrigerator, microwave, and oven), two restrooms, water fountain, pull down projection screen, plenty of wall outlets, tables and chairs if needed. This space can hold 250 people and seats 100 people. The hall may be rented on a regular basis for an extended period of team (ex. a church) and may be rented for not-for-profit fundraising activities. The Hall may be rented for profit motivated activities such as (but not limited to) businesses, garage sales, flea markets, etc., where goods or services are offered for sale. The rental fee shall be twice the regular rental rates. Those renting the Hall must set up and take down their own tables and chairs. An employee will do a walk through inspection with the applicant and complete the inspection checklist before and after the rental. To reserve Eugene Northern Community Hall, contact the Parks & Recreation office at (573) 426-6901.

Rules & Regulations                                  Rental Application

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