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The city park system was born in 1938 with the dedication of .95 acres of land by John and Camilla Barnitz to be used as a neighborhood park. Over the next 73 years, the park system has expanded to include 233 acres of land that is divided into 30 parks and includes 8.5 miles of trails and the 40-acre Rolla Cemetery, which was incorporated into the city in 1861. The Parks Department manages small, neighborhood parks that only include playground equipment, to Ber Juan Park, which includes a softball/baseball complex, tennis courts, lake, and the City's Recreation Centre and outdoor pool facilities in its 85 acres.

The Parks Department manages more than 25 separate park locations, ranging from small, neighborhood parks with nothing more than playground equipment installed to Ber Juan Park, which includes a softball/baseball complex, tennis courts, lake, and the City's Recreation Center and outdoor pool facilities in its 85 acres. Taken together, these parks encompass more than 235 acres within the City, and provide open green space and recreational opportunities at close proximity to nearly any location in Rolla.


Ann's Acres Park

An undeveloped park consisting of 1.66 acres lying along the creek near the intersection of Soest and Pinetree.

Barnitz Park

Barnitz Park, located at the corner of 5th and Iowa, is a neighborhood park with playground equipment and a basketball court.


Ber Juan Park

Nearly 85 acres of open grassland, walking trails, and top of the line recreational facilities make Ber Juan is the centerpiece of Rolla's parks. Ber Juan park is located in the east-central part of Rolla, bordered on the south by 10th Street (Highway BB), on the west by Holloway and Farrar, on the north by 14th and 18th streets, and on the east by Burgher Branch. Key areas of interest with the park are The Centre, Rolla's Health and Recreation Complex, accessible off of Holloway Drive at 12th Street; the tennis courts and SplashZone, at the corner of 14th and Holloway; a playground and picnic area on 14th street east of the SplashZone; the Skate Park at 14th and Farrar; and the Ber Juan Sportsplex, a multi-field baseball, softball, and soccer complex located in the north-east corner of the park, off of 18th Street. The Rolla High School baseball team makes use of Bayless Field, part of the Sportsplex, for all home games.

In addition to all these great features, a walking and exercise trail encompasses most of the Park, with outdoor fitness equipment stationed along the trail, and useful exercise guides that allow you to measure and improve your fitness level. Much of the south-eastern portion of the Park, along 10th Street and up the line of Burgher Branch, is open, rolling grassland, crossed by walking paths and strategically shaded by stands of trees.

In total, Ber Juan Parks offers 2 picnic shelters, 3 softball fields, 2 baseball field, 6 tennis courts, 2 basketball courts, 2 football / soccer fields, 3 playgrounds, and 1.5 miles of exercise trails.


Breuer Park

Nearly 7 acres located at 10th and Wakefield make up Breuer Park, which offers a playground area, softball field, and a football/soccer field.


Buehler Park

2.2 acres that cover a portion of the old Rolla Fairgrounds site at the intersection of Kings highway (Business 63) and Fairgrounds Road, Buehler Park offers a pavilion / picnic shelter, playground equipment, and a football / soccer field.


Countryaire Park

An undeveloped park of just under 1 acre in size, located on Casey Lane.


Coventry Park

Coventry is a spacious, 13 acre park lying along Coventry Drive, bordering Burgher Branch in eastern Rolla. It's amenities include a playground area, basketball court, football / soccer field, and 2 softball fields.


Deer Crossing Park

Undeveloped park with .85 acres of land on Lanning Lane.


Green Acres Park

Green Acres Parks consists of 8.5 acres along Dieble Creek, south of Highway 72. The park is accessible off of both Green Acres Drive and Olive Street, and offers a lighted softball field with bleachers that serves, along with Schuman Park and the Ber Juan Sportsplex, as a location for League games. The field is also the home of the Rolla Lady Bulldogs softball team. In addition to its softball facilities, the park features a playground, picnic shelter / pavilion, basketball court, and sand volleyball court.


Heritage Heights Park

2 undeveloped acres off of McCutchen Drive.


Hypoint Industrial Park

Hypoint Industrial Park Trail located in the Industrial Park offers a peaceful place for a break from the “concrete jungle.” It offers a .5 mile walking trail loop, basketball court and a field for football, softball, etc. with a ball stop, and two resting areas. It is also the home of several memorial trees.


Lanning Wooden Bridge Park

The City's smallest developed park, Lanning Wooden Bridge Park is .03 acres at the corner of 4th and Main, and offers a pleasant spot to just sit in the shade, visit the historic wooden railroad bridge, or take a stroll over the bridge to the 1860's courthouse. The park was recently renamed to honor the Lanning family of Rolla, who have contributed much of the funding to develop and landscape the park.


Lariat Lane Park

An undeveloped park area encompassing 1.4 acres at the intersection of Southview and Lariat Lane.


Maggi Park

A small neighborhood park of just under .5 acres, located on Commercial Drive in south-east Rolla, Maggi Park features both a basketball court and playground for residents around the Highway 72 & Highway O intersection.

Meadow Brook Park

Undeveloped. 1 acre, located on Meadowbrook Drive off of White Columns Road.


Murry Park

Situated at the corner of 10th and Angus Valley, Murry Park has a basketball court and a playground on its four-tenths of an acre.


Penny Park

An undeveloped park area at the corner of Lester & Edith.


Powell Park

Powell Park offers a basketball court and playground equipment for residents near the corner of 11th and Poole.


Ridgeview Park

A basketball court, and lots of trees are the key features of Ridgeview Park, with its 4+ acres of land around the intersection of Ridgeview and Morrell in western Rolla.


Schuman Park

Measuring more than 15 acres, Schuman Park is second in size only to Ber Juan among Rolla's currently developed park areas. In addition to its lighted softball field and 4 basketball courts, Schuman offers 2 picnic shelter/pavilions, 2 playgrounds, a sand volleyball court, and a great deal of historical interest. Two main visual features of the park, which is located between Oak, 14th, and the railroad tracks, are the multiple acre Frisco Pond, which once served as a major source of water for the railroad, and the restored Frisco steam engine, coal car, and passenger car which are covered, lighted, for protection from the elements and easy viewing.

In addition, Schuman's location near a great deal of off-campus student housing east of the Missouri S&T campus makes this park a frequent relaxation spot for University students year-round.


Silverleaf Park

Slightly more than 2 acres, located on Silverleaf Lane in southern Rolla, this park is presently undeveloped.


Southview Park

A large park at 27 acres, Southview Park is located between the Hutchinson and Newcastle subdivisions along Dieble Creek. This park is currently undeveloped, but a section of the City's walking / biking path follows the creek through park land.


Tim Ponzer Park

An undeveloped park consisting of 8.4 acres along Sycamore and Cypress drives and Dieble Creek in southeastern Rolla.


Tory Park

Tory Park, located on Tory Drive in northeastern Rolla, is over 6 acres in size, with a softball field, basketball court, and football/soccer field.


Town & Country Park

This 1 acre neighborhood park is located at Soest Road and South Murry Lane, and offers a basketball court and a pair of playground areas.

Wedgewood Park

Wedgewood Park is located on Chestnut Drive in southern Rolla, and offers over 6 acres with 1 basketball court, 1 playground, and plenty of trees, as well as access to the walking / biking trail along Dieble Creek.

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