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Pavilions are available to reserve in the following parks:

  • Ber Juan

  • Buehler

  • Green Acres

  • Schuman (Upper Pavilion, Lower Pavilion)

  • Veteran's Memorial Park

Special Use Permit Application

To reserve a pavilion or the bandshell downtown, go to

Ber Juan Pavilion

Located at 14th and Heller Streets, Ber Juan pavilion provides a great view of the lake and has a playground and walking trail right next to it. amenities include 16 picnic tables, 3 grills, a water fountain and electric

Beuhler Pavilion
Buehler Pavilion.jpg

Located at 1200 Kingshighway, Buehler Park is walking distance from a number of restaurants. There is a playground and swings adjacent to the shelter. Amentiies include 15 picnic tables, 2 grills and electric

Upper Schuman Pavilion
Upper Schuman Pavilion.png

Located at 404 E. 16th Street, the Upper Schuman pavilion sits right next to the 1501 Frisco Locomotive and has a great view of Frisco Lake. There are swing sets next to the pavilion and a playground is just down the hill. Amenities include 16 picnic tables, 2 grills and electric.

Lower Schuman Pavilion
Lower Schuman Pavilion.jpg

Located at 210 E. 16th Street, the Lower Schuman paviion is close to the Missouri S & T campus and sits right next to Frisco Lake. There is a playground and sand volleyball court available. Amenties include 15 picnic tables, 3 grills and electric.

Green Acres Pavilion
Veteran's Memorial Pavilion
GreenAcresParkJune2012 031.jpg

Located at 501 Olive Street, Green Acres has the Acorn Trail that runs next to the paviion. There is a sand volleyball court, playground and a Pickleball court. amentiies include 16 picnic tables, 2 grills, water fountain and electric.

Veteran's Park.jpg

Located at 575 Southview Drive, Veteran's Memorial Pavilion is next to the Acorn walking trail. There is ample parking off of Southview Drive. Amentieis include 8 picnic tables, 2 grills and electric.


Located at 901 N. Elm Street right across from City Hall. The bandshell has ample parking and bathrooms located directly behind it. To reserve the bandshell please contact the Parks Department at 573-426-6901

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